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Rangers Football Club at a glance

Rangers Football Club has a legacy of 30 years. Established in 1984 by Mukesh Patel who was a young football player and enthusiast then, the Club is now one of the most respected sports institutes in the state. Right from the beginning it has had teams with a diverse range of players; from across the varied states of India as well international athletes. Over the last three decades, the Club has collected many awards. We take great pride in the fact that we have been the Senior League Champions six times. Besides this, we have won the Saxena Memorial Trophy, Brother Fillipe Trophy, reached the finals of the Senior League Championships five times and also won seven A Side tournaments. As you can see, excellence in the game has always been our goal.

Rangers football academy training in Shakti Arena 1
Savannah United

Savannah United Elite Soccer Club

Now we have taken our commitment to football and our players to the next level. Savannah United is headed by Gary Wright, a hugely respected coach who has been training players since twenty years.

Rangers Football Academy will now be following their training modules so that our students and players can train and learn sportsmanship at the highest levels.

Rangers Football Academy has tied up by Savannah United Elite Soccer, one of the most premier football academies in the United States and a Football Development Partner with Chelsea Football Club.


Over the years rangers football club has collected many accolades , have been senior league champions 6 times , have won saxena memorial 2 times , brother filipe Memorial one time, Reached finals of the senior league 5 times , reached finals of Hilton Mt Abu all india tournament and won many 7 a sides tournaments


Young dynamic and passionate footballers have come together to form a result oriented team for Rangers Football Academy.