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Physical movements such as running, jumping, skipping, hopping and main- training balance are not fully developed at this age. When changing direction, a child will often tumble as a result of a high center of gravity. This does not imply that they are clumsy. They also play at full speed until they drop and then after a brief rest, they are ready to go full speed again. Children in this age range need multiple breaks during practices and games to allow for recovery, as it is difficult for them to sustain a high intensity of play for long periods of time.



They can perform tasks one at a time when simple directions are given. Complex tasks are difficult as players have difficulty linking skills together. A visual demonstration is often necessary to help them to understand more clearly what is expected of them. “My Ball,” is a commonly used phrase from this age group. This is because they don’t quite understand what it means to participate as part of a team.

Tactics at this age are very limited. Their biggest concern during their play is to determine which way to go when they have the ball. Boundaries may not mean much to many children in this age group. It is common to see most or all of the players continue to chase the ball after it has gone out of bounds.


The youth soccer experience might be their initial exposure to team sport. At this point the coach must recognize the importance of the young player’s need to feel secure in practice and game environments. Their social development at this time is often limited to one best friend and many are just adapting to the social interactions that occur at school. The coach must be sensitive to this when selecting practice activities, which must include positive social interaction. Activities that involve interacting with all of the members of the team are important.


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Age Group: 3 1/2 to 7 years


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